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Issuing of Environmental Site Clearance Certificate (environmental recommendation)

For proposed industries / projects to be located

The Site Clearance Certificate (SCC) is a letter of recommendation issued prior to the setting up of an industry/project by considering the project site and it’s suitability to operate an industry/project in compliance with environmental norms and regulations. This enables the industry to be setup in a proper manner incorporating the strategies related to the environmental pollution control and pave the way to industrialist to function the industry minimizing the objections of the community and to achieve the goals of sustainable development. To obtain a SCC a duly filled Questionnaire for Environmental Impact Identification (application) should be submitted to the PEA-NWP and a set of application can be obtained from the authority. A site inspection is carried out by the officers of PEA-NWP at the project site in this regards and inspection fee is also charged.

At the time of a site inspection all the details/data in relation with biological, physical and socio economic aspects will be collected and evaluated by the officers of this authority and decided whether the approval could be granted. The SCC should be obtained for all kind of proposed industries/projects to be established in the NWP and it helps the industrialist to avoid environmental issues that may arise due to the improper siting of the industry. The SCC should be obtained prior to the siting of the industry and no constructions is allowed without having SCC. The SCC should be obtained only form the PEA-NWP for the industries to be established within the jurisdiction of NWP. Application for SCC can be submitted online or directly to the PEA-NWP office with the following documents.

  • 1. Documents to prove the ownership of the land. (copy of the deed, copy of the lease agreement etc.)

  • 2. A copy of the Survey Plan of the land (photocopy of the plan)

  • 3. Building plan

  • 4. Building layout plan

  • 5. Copy of Business Registration Certificate / Copy of the National Identity Card of the Industrialist.)

  • 6. Project Proposals and Proposals for Mitigation of environmental Pollution

  • 7. Route map to the proposed site.

  • 8. GPS coordinates

  • 9. The approval obtain form the relevant Local Authority when required. (Compliance Certificate , Trade License or Approval from the Local Authority)

  • 10. Necessary certifications and approvals for special projects. (distillery products, pharmaceutical products, pesticide products, explosive based products etc.)

  • 11. Board of Investment Approval (only for BOI projects)

  • 12. Any other document or details Authority is required

The industry/project can be commenced in accordance with the SCC and however an application for the EPL should be submitted one month prior to the commencement of the industry. (for the industries listed in schedule ix of the gazette notification No. 1685/11).